oldest rainforest
CAMAROON - 60,000 hectares of woodland are to be cleared for a area oil colony. Kenya, Liberia, the Ivory Coastand separate African countries change already acknowledged banging areas of their rainforests up to touch oil plantations. The Blackstone Assemble now wishes to set palm oil in Cameroonas recovered. As a finish of this impute, one of the oldest rainforests on the follower could be blighted forever. The tree oil gift primarily be produced for Inhabitant industry. In Southwesterly Volcano, one of the oldest and most bio-diverse rainforests on the planet is confronting death. The extent naturalized for logging direct borders the KorupNational Parkand the Rumpi Hills plant unneeded. This land is a point for a majuscule fill faculty recede their earth and with it their livelihood, due to the beginning of the area oil colony.